SC Housing Development Timeline

1986: Joseph House opens on Staten Island, offering 75 units of supportive, affordable permanent homes for seniors 62 and older.

1989: Fox House (Msgr. Robert Fox Memorial Shelter) opens in East Harlem, providing 17 units of emergency and transitional housing for women and children.

1994, 1995: Casa Cecilia and Seton House open in Manhattan to provide 33 and 16 units, respectively, of housing to formerly homeless families.

1996: St. Vincent’s Manor opens and offers 75 units of affordable housing for seniors on Staten Island.

1999: St. Elizabeth’s Manor opens on Staten Island with 80 homes for seniors.

2001: Sr. Elizabeth Boyle Manor opens to provide 65 units of housing to seniors on Staten Island.

2003: Seton Village opens to provide 116 units of senior housing in Rockland County.

2011: Lafayette Manor opens to provide 60 units of senior housing in Staten Island, and Sr. Louise de Marillac Manor opens to provide 18 units of supportive housing for the mentally disabled in Staten Island.

2013: Markham Gardens Manor opens to provide 80 units of senior housing on Staten Island.