Affordable Homes for Seniors

housing development corporationWith the help of our supporters, we are pleased to provide safe, comfortable, affordable, and well-maintained homes for seniors.

We are dedicated to providing for our residents’ unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs with respect and compassion.

Working with community providers, we offer supportive services, and a social service coordinator is available to all residents. We aim to ensure our residents live with dignity and a sense of independence.

We also seek to enable them to enjoy the best quality of life while remaining in their homes as long as possible.

Units are available which can accommodate residents who have limited mobility or who are visually or hearing-impaired. 


There's no place like home!-2


There’s no place like home…

Together with our supporters, we care for our residents’ unique needs. Our senior living programs seek to ensure our residents live comfortably with dignity and respect in a place they are happy to call home. You can make a difference for the elderly in need by being a part of this essential ministry.


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Each program has a separate board made up of Sisters of Charity and dedicated community residents. The housing efforts of the Congregation are often carried out in collaboration with other not-for-profit organizations. For more information, you may call the Sisters of Charity Housing Development Corporation at 718-477-6803.