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“For Sister of Charity, Dignity Comes with a Sense of Place”

In this discussion, Sr. Donna Dodge, SC, executive director of the Sisters of Charity Housing Development Corporation explains that having a roof over one’s head is a God-given right. She adds that helping others to secure that right is the responsibility of all one’s brothers and sisters in Christ. Click here for the full story.

Fox House Celebrates 25 Years of Service

Fox House has been successful in fulfilling its mission to say YES to life and to be a healing presence to formerly homeless mothers and children. Click here to read more and to view photos of the celebration.

Fox House Founder and Director Honored

When a fire in East Harlem displaced 60 families, Sr. Florence Speth, SC took action. Aware of the deplorable living conditions of the city’s homeless, she applied for a grant to transform an abandoned building into a transitional home for women and children. In recognition of Sr. Florence’s continued tireless work, Support Our Aging Religious (SOAR!) honored her with the Fr. Victor Yanitelli Award for a generous spirit and creative service to the needs of others. Click to read more on Sister-Florence-Speth and the award.

Markham Gardens Manor Opens, Reaches Out to Sandy Victims

housingThe Sisters of Charity Housing Development Corporation’s sixth senior residence opens with 80 units of affordable supportive housing. Among Markham Gardens Manor’s first residents are eight people who lost their homes to Hurricane Sandy. Click here to read the full story.

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Housing Development Corporation Director Honored

Eric Feldmann was honored by Meals on Wheels at their annual luncheon in recognition of his service in developing affordable housing for the elderly and those with special needs. Read more here.

Sisters of Charity of NY and Housing Development Corporation Provide Relief to Sandy Victims

Upon witnessing the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, Sisters of Charity president Sr. Jane Iannucelli asked HDC director Sr. Donna Dodge to coordinate the Congregation’s efforts to aid those affected by the storm. Sisters, SC staff, associates, and friends responded to the call to action, raising funds and collecting much-needed items. Seton Village was the designated collection site. Click here to read more.

There is Hope: NYC Strives to End Homelessness

In response to the city’s unprecedented number of homeless persons, United to End Homelessness provides its platform with tactics to permanently end homelessness in NYC. It outlines the necessary steps to do so, highlighting the importance of supportive housing and housing assistance programs. The full platform can be viewed here.

rent burden-3Affordable Housing Needs to Keep Up with Growing Senior Population

The number of seniors living on Staten Island is growing steadily, and 1 in 10 of them live below the federal poverty level. Twice as many are considered impoverished under a measure that takes into account cost of living on Staten Island. Click here for more information on the critical need for affordable housing, how the Sisters of Charity HDC is helping, and for stories of some seniors who found themselves in need of housing assistance.

Lafayette Manor Nears Completion

After a decade of developing the former site of the 19th-century New Brighton Village Hall, Lafayette Manor will open its doors to seniors 62 and older in need of affordable housing. This article describes the new program and details the obstacles the Housing Development Corporation overcame to acquire and develop the property. Read the full story here.

Building Houses, Building Lives

Written by Eric Feldmann, who has been a leader of the Housing Development Corporation since its inception, this article outlines the organization’s history, goals, programs, and projects. Click here: Building Houses Building Lives to read more on how the Sisters of Charity HDC serves the elderly, formerly homeless, and mentally disabled.

Government: An Essential Partner in Housing

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has put an emphasis on housing the chronically homeless. However, its definition of “chronically homeless” excludes many in the homeless population, including families and those not disabled. The Sisters of Charity HDC has developed many programs with government partnerships and assistance. Our goal is to keep the government accountable to the least of our brothers and sisters—all of them. Click here to read more. Government an essential partner in housing

“Look at Your Home with Fresh Eyes”

Fixed IncomeA letter from Sr. Dorothy Metz, SC, former president of the Sisters of Charity, in which she reflects on the plight of the homeless. She urges us to look around our homes—humble or otherwise—and recognize the many blessings they offer us. She asks, “What blessings does your home provide? Have you become so accustomed to your home that you no longer really ‘see’ it?” Click here for her message on home, “the place where we can truly be ourselves, where we become renewed physically, intellectually, and spiritually.” Look at your home with fresh eyes

Meeting Today’s Needs: Affordable Housing

Besides offering a basic human necessity, affordable housing provides other opportunities for many of the families served by the Sisters of Charity Housing Development Corporation. Affordable housing offers more than four walls and a roof… it contributes to a better life for all of us. Read more here. Meeting Todays Needs