Sisters of Charity Housing Development Corporation

Promoting social justice through affordable supportive housing

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Providing affordable homes for seniors, families in need, and the mentally disabled

Serving the city's most vulnerable

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The Sisters of Charity Housing Development Corporation is a non-profit organization that provides affordable, supportive housing to New York’s most vulnerable residents.

Our secure, well-maintained housing is tailored to the unique needs of the residents we serve. Our housing programs offer more than four walls and a roof—we provide homes in an atmosphere of respect and compassion while offering support to contribute to a better quality of life for our residents.

We are a sponsored work of the Sisters of Charity of NY, whose mission is to reveal God's love to all in need, especially the poor. The Sisters of Charity Housing Development Corporation extends this mission of charity by the quality of its programs, its fiscal stability, and its organizational culture.

 Our Housing Programs

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Senior Living

Formerly Homeless

Mentally Disabled